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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

fakta id

antv current affair
project item : id 15 sec, packaging
project brief : news crime scene
tools : 3ds max, afx, ai, psd
"metallica - hit the lights"

clas on campus referesh

antv/ clas mild
project item : id 15 sec, inserts, endpage
project brief : refresh clas on campus
tools : 3ds max, ai, psd, afx

FA CUP E-on Id

project item : opening 15 sec
project brief: clean look, bg black, FA cup color scheme
tools: 3ds max, ai, psd, afx
in coorportion w/ henky
"glory, glory Man Utd hahaha"

talkshow senayan it mall - booming motion graphics

senayan it mall (STC)-Digital Studio
"booming motion graphics"

sms contest quiz

project items: 15sec promo
project brief : to promote 3 title cinetron
tools : 3ds max, ai, psd, afx

starwars film spesial bugs/ antv id

project item : bugs 15 sec, id 5 sec
project brief: promote sw movies create fr deathstar scene
tools : 3ds max, ai, psd, afx

Starwars Film Spesial -Launch Promo

Project Items : Endpage + inserts
project brief : promote starwars series, light savers, space
tools : 3ds max, ai, psd, afx
"melee-built to last"

indonesia yamaha futsal competition

E9 ministery review outdoor items